Sometimes you need your own box. You need the extra large bandwidth allotment, the additional storage space or you have custom configurations where you just need your own private place to run what you want.

However, until recently this meant you had to buy your own dedicated server and employ a security staff and IT contract just top keep it running. Not anymore.

Now, our Virtual Private Servers give you the best of both worlds. It’s your private server with your own dedicated resources, but we still manage and maintain the hardware so you don’t have to worry about things like firewalls and connectivity.

If you have a busy site and are tired of running out of resources, this package is for you!

Highlights of the VPS Server Package:

1.1 Ghz dedicated processor
728 gigs of dedicated ram
30 Gigs storage
500 gigs transfer

2 private IP addresses
weekly backups
UNLIMITED domains, subdomains and add-on domains
UNLIMITED email accounts
PRIVATE name servers
Cpanel and Fantastico
Full Root Access

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