Radioservers is proud to offer custom Google Actions for your streaming radio station! Like Alexa, Google Home speakers, phones and enabled-devices are selling like hotcakes and now your station can have a custom action (an action is like a skill or app) that allows your listeners to hear your custom pre-roll before your stream.

You maybe thinking “my station can be found on TuneIn” which is true, but often times TuneIn will insert their own commercials (which you do NOT get paid for) and their own pre-roll, so you are left paying the streaming fees with nothing to show for it, and no personal connection to the audience.

Having your own Google Action gives you access to our RS Mediaserver where you can pre-schedule, rotate and daypart pre-roll audio to suit your shows, promote events or whatever you need.

Building an action carries a one-time fee of $99 + a monthly charge of $15 to host the Action and interface with our mediaserver. This is the same price as our basic Alexa skills.

If you already host an Alexa Skill with us, your monthly cost only increases by $5! And if you need an Alexa skill as well, we can offer a 20% discount on development ($160 for both).

Buy a Google Action Buy an Alexa Skill