Before completing the form, please be sure you understand the following:

  • Google Actions only have two ways to be invoked currently. Users can say either “Hey Google, talk to STATION NAME” or they can say “Hey Google, ask STATION NAME to play.” There are not any other commands currently, such as “Hey Google play STATION NAME”. When communicating to listeners on how to use your action, it’s important that this is understood. The only command that works for BOTH Google and Alexa is “____, ask STATION NAME to play.”
  • Google Actions require a minimum of two words in the name. So you cannot have “Hey Google, play WXYZ” but you can have “Hey Google, play WXYZ Radio” or “Hey Google, play WXYZ Anytown.” Choose your action name wisely as you may want to mirror your Alexa name when possible to make it easier to communicate to your audience.
  • There can be a delay of a few seconds between the pre-roll and the actual live stream. This is not under our control but a known issue with Google Actions.

Got it? Great! Now here is the info we need:

This should be your direct link to your icecast or stream, not a webpage.
Must be minimum 1000 pixels wide.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
attach a PDF of station letterhead stating that you grant Radioservers, LLC permission to build your action/skill on your behalf.
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 256 MB.
Do you already have an RS mediaserver account?(Required)
Please attach an mp3 of your pre-roll audio. This is the audio that plays before the stream starts. You can change this later, so this can be a simple greeting for now.
Accepted file types: mp3, Max. file size: 256 MB.
Google requires you to have a link to your privacy policy.

Once you submit your info, please allow one week for development. When your Action is approved we will arrange your billing and adjusted access to RS Mediaserver. Thank you!