DJ Rotation Script

This script was originally written by KJ Koning but was no longer updated or supported, so we picked it up, re-wrote it to support the latest PHP versions and offer it for free for broadcasters.

Thanks to KJ Koning for such a great, enduring product!

DJRA4 is a powerful DJ rotation script. It will display and rotate any type of schedule. You can use images, raw HTML or simple links and images. Inegrate in various ways including javascript, php includes, Server-side includes, json or rss feeds.

best of all, it’s free!

– mysql database
– php enabled web server

This script is free of charge and comes with no support or training. There is a PDF manual included in the zip file. If you need professional installation you can purchase that from us for $29. If you need help configuring/building the schedule we can quote a price. We also offer art/design for DJ art. Ask for details.

Download it for free below.