Radio Spins Chart 2.0

This special chart plugin is for organization such as trade groups or radio groups to build their own spins-based chart. The chart publishes weekly based on the submitted spins of the participating radio stations “reporters”.

  • weekly chart of any number
  • annual top chart
  • weekly highest gainer widget
  • weekly most added widget
  • icons for new/re-entry, up and down
  • each song can have mp3 audio clip, youtube video, links to amazon, itunes or manual download
  • album cover art
  • special WordPress user type for reporters to login and update spins
  • reporters can see last week’s spins for ease of update
  • admin can update spins for any station if needed
  • song suggestions form for songs not in database yet
  • weekly email to reporters with current chart in csv form

See the chart in action at