Recently Played Songs

One of the most requested features of radio websites is for listeners to be able to find a song they heard in the past. Just ask your receptionist how many calls are asking for help in finding a song. Now you can give your listeners what they really want with our new playlist database.

I just had the Searchable Song History Playlist installed on our website and I was truly impressed with the service received from Radioservers customer support. They told me exactly what data they needed to have exported from my new Zetta system and even rebuilt the code on my home page to display everything properly. I am completely satisfied and now can give my listeners a better website experience.”

Jim McDermott
President & GM, Spirit FM Radio

The playlist is fully customizable and configurable. You can show the last 10, 20 or more songs and allow users to search up to 7 days back or more! You can even link the song titles to your affiliate accounts in iTunes or Amazon for additional revenue!

The playlist is also fully responsive so it works on any screen and can even be used inside your apps!
See the demo below:


  • Your automation system must be able to send an XML file to the internet. You may already be doing this in support of your RDS, web widget, streaming or other purpose. It’s very common and all major systems support the export of XML files.
  • Your web host must support SQL databases and PHP 5 (common)
  • FTP access is required to install