Top Songs Chart

Now you can create song charts like your own top 20 or top 40. You can update as often as you like (daily/weekly/monthly) and create as many charts as you like. Create year-end charts, different formats or genre’s, etc.

Mobile view

Version 1.3

  • 3 new themes! Choose colors and icons to suit your site!
  • Updated for PHP 7 +
  • create as many different charts as you like
  • choose how many songs (top 20, top 40, etc)
  • play song samples
  • play music videos
  • show album cover
  • up/down/same/debut icons on chart to show movement from previous ranking
  • links to purchase music from Amazon or iTunes
  • artist website links
  • Widgets for Spotlight song and mini-chart
  • Albums are saved for future use, so adding additional songs is a breeze.
  • 5-star ratings system. Hide, show last week or current week results.
  • Edit CSS to your liking



This version tested for WP6 and PHP8